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Fact: 87% of moving sucks. The other 13% consists of eating, resting, and ogling/fondling my ever growing comics library

ink and watercolours
The cover illustration for my Bachelor thesis, “An Atlas of Actions: Scott McCloud, Mapping, and the Comic Book in Dylan Horrocks’ Hicksville.”I highly recommend Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks for anyone interested in comics! The book features a very dense narrative in the best postmodern tradition with a lot of meta-commentary going on through the inclusion of comics-within-the-comic etc. and suggests a very constructive, fluid, and open definition for the comics medium to allow for any future formal experimentation. 


Anonymous said: I have two questions: What's the best book you ever read? and your favourite song at the moment?

Hello “anon,” I’m afraid I have answers to neither of your questions at the moment, but here’s some Nick Drake to cheer you up.

Thomas Roundville, author of “Shipyards of the Bright Amphetamine Sky”

Anonymous said: I dont wanna sound too superficial, but you are a super cool person! where do you get your inspirations?


Princess Flooptum, on the occasion of her father’s abdication
Baronetess van Boul, with ceremonial sceptre
Baron General Truff, depicted with coat of arms and halo
Arch Toop III, depicted here with the Willowhawk, and the three reform laws passed under her reign.